GRAVITYSHAPES means bringing ideas, materials and forms into new dimensions. Discover exclusive and unusual 3D decorations, accessories and useful functional objects. Behind GRAVITYSHAPES is a young Swiss designer who is experimenting with different materials and techniques, shaping his ideas into new dimensions, and this pleases people all over the world. Hopefully you too.

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3D Art & Design - Shaping ideas in new dimensions
Design pieces

Exclusive decorations, accessories and gift ideas by GRAVITYSHAPES printed in three dimensions. Buy selected design items from the GRAVITYSHAPES collection. International shipping is possible.


Printed design objects

’’With the plant on board and in its rightful place on our bookshelf near the living room window, it looks great!’’

- Rob Fulcher

’’I could watch this print all day long. This is beautiful. All I have to decide is how many I want!’’

- JaxBuni

’’This planter is both beautiful and useful! The perfect decoration to bring some life to your desk – just don’t forget to water it!’’

- Lauren, Content Manager

’’I really love the double-walled, voronoi pattern! It’s going to look great on my coffee table and will be super convenient for remotes and chargers which otherwise have a propensity for disappearing.’’

- Maytal, Marketing

’’Beautiful AND a subtle nod to being a sci-fi fan. What more you could you ask out of a plant potter? Being able to mix and match colors for the three different parts makes it even better!’’

- Larissa, Materials Developer

’’Congrats for your 3D models, I've just discovered your creations and it's really cool. Your pictures are great too!’’

- Pierre Avion (Paris, France), Co-founder of Cults

’’Super epic!’’

- Dan Kilmer (Canada), Professional, Artist & Designer

’’Love it!’’

- Tony Youngblood (Nashville, TN, USA), Maker

’’The idea is great! I do like the idea of a small pot green house, im about to start a maple bonsai and I thought something like this might help with the first years growth.’’

- Patrick (Montreal Qubec), Maker

’’Love these!!!’’

- Barbara Beckmeyer
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Planted design objects

STL Downloads
Print data

Print selected 3D objects from GRAVITYSHAPES on your own 3D printer! Soon you will find both free and premium print data in the shop for download and private non-commercial use.

Objects from stock


from stock

This items in stock are on workdays generally within 24h or 48h dispatched or ready for self-collection.

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Global shipping



Design objects, which are marked with a globe, can be ordered internationally and also be delivered worldwide.

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Switzerland exclusive



Design objects marked with a Swiss cross can only be shipped or picked up within Switzerland.

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STL-Druckdaten Download



Products with STL symbol are digital print data, which are exclusively provided for download.

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Swiss Designer



GRAVITYSHAPES means bringing ideas, materials and forms into new dimensions. Behind the brand, launched in January 2017, is a young Swiss designer from St. Gallen, who is experimenting with different materials and techniques, shaping his ideas into new dimensions and thus finds worldwide enthusiasm.

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Natural Materials



Through creativity, know-how, new materials and technologies it is possible to create wonderful, luxurious and functional works from natural raw materials. The focus of GRAVITYSHAPES is the use of natural materials such as wood, sandstone, ceramics, metals and sustainable biological and ecological materials e.g. from corn starch.

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High-tech 3D Production


3D Production

In order to offer high-quality products, GRAVITYSHAPES focuses on innovative and established local and global partners in the production and refining process. The exclusive designer pieces by GRAVITYSHAPES are manufactured according to the material with different high-tech 3D printers and processes and then refined and packaged.

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Local and global sales points

Local & global

Sales points

You like the design objects from GRAVITYSHAPES and are looking for a local sales point? Here you will find an overview of current stores and online shops, which have selected SHAPES in the assortment. Depending on the partner, selected objects are available in raw form or individually refined, with planting or lighting technology.

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