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Easter eggs crasher: Crash site

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For a lot of fun at Easter. A 3D printing model set for the whole family!

Since Easter is the only time of the year in which you can play with food, there is this original Easter-Egg-Crash-Road from GRAVITYSHAPES to print. Whether single-colored or brightly colorful, the parts can be easily printed and put together. A 3D printer, two cords and boiled eggs are all what you need!

The set is especially designed to be easy to print and assemble. The cars are driven to the ends and loaded with boiled eggs. On command, each person pulls on its cord, causing the loaded wagons to move towards each other. In the middle, the top of the eggs crash under the sign “CRASH SITE” (There is also a blank signboard without text to label).

The 3D printing set is optimized for 0.2 mm layers and 0.4 mm printhead (thinner goes, of course.). All parts have been designed so that no support is required when printing. If you print the parts as you find them in the STL, you do not have to print any supports. The set can be plugged together. Glue is optional, but is not required if the print results are good.



  • In the data names of the STL files, you see how many you have to print from it.
  • Before assembling, check that all connections fit together easily, possibly clean the prints. There must be no obstacles such as print residues on the inside of the rails (the wheels must slip through without difficulty).
  • Start with the assembly at the cars (attach axles, wheels and cord, but without the finger ring at the end of the line!)
  • Afterwards put together the crash road from the center inside, to the outside. (The thinnest end bar in the ground grids (“Track-grid”) is in the center.) The wagons must be moved into the rails before the end pieces (“Rail-Buffer”) are placed on!
  • After assembling the track, the grass is put on the outside. The small connectors (“Grass-poles”) are best placed in the grass parts and then click the grass on the rails. The round connections on the left and the right outside, 8-20 square connections distributed over the distance. (Because they are very small, it is best to use a pair of pliers.) The number of square connections depends on the print quality. Just put as many as necessary to keep the grass well on the rails. You need at least 8 square connections, but you can set up to 20 pieces. You can also heat the connectors with a lighter and then push them into the holes. This can help if they are too thin.
  • Then pull the cord of the cars through the large hole under the “CRASH SITE” sign and on the other side left or right through a hole to the outside. (If you are sitting at the table directly opposite, use two holes on both rails. ¦ ) If the two people sit next to each other, use the parallel holes on the same rail. ll 
  • Finally, tie the rings at the end of the cords. Load the cars with boiled eggs and go …!

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About the 3D download print data:
Format: STL (Zip)
Included STL files: 17
Longest part: 17.3 cm
Sizes (assembled): Approx. 36 x 5.3 x 5.5 cm
Model version: 1.0
License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Printed 3D objects in the photos:
Version: 1.0.
Material: PLA
Layer: 0.2 mm
Support: No


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