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NATURE Planter (v1.0. and v1.1.)

CHF 0.00

A simple text plant pot with the English word “NATURE”. It is ideal for moss growing as well as a small plant. Here, e.g. a small shrub as a tree. An improved model version (1.1.) offers a little more space (in A and UR) for the plants than in the version 1.0., which can be seen in the photos.

Both model versions of this NATURE-Planter (v1.0. and v1.1.) are available here as free download.

More links to this 3D printing model:
Object info in the portfolio
> Purchase as printed objects

About the 3D download print data:
Format: STL
Versions: 1.0. und 1.1.
License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

About the 3D objects on the photos:
Version: 1.0.
Size: 100% and 64%
Material: PLA (black)
Layer: 0.2 mm
Support recommended: Yes
Finishing: White sprayed and planted.
Miscellaneous: Due to a printer problem (fan failure), the quality of the two objects shown is very poor.


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