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Easter eggs crasher: Swing

CHF 5.90

For a lot of fun at Easter. A 3D printing model set for the whole family!

Since Easter is the only time of the year in which you can play with food, there is this original Easter-Eggs-Crasher-Swing from GRAVITYSHAPES to print. Whether single-colored or brightly colorful, the parts can be easily printed and put together. A 3D printer, two cords and boiled eggs are all what you need!

The set is especially designed to be easy to print and assemble. Once built up, the hanging nets can be loaded with eggs, pulled back and bounced together. The Easter nest (bottom tray) catches any shell parts.



  • In the data names of the STL files, you see how many you have to print from it.
  • The set consists of several parts and can be printed in many colors.
  • The nets for the eggs are flat. After printing, bend the pages up. You can warm the net with a lighter to get it into shape. The top holes on the sides are for the cord, with the help of the other the net can be matched to the egg size. Once put together, the eggs should be easily inserted and removed again.

More links to this 3D printing model:
Object info in the portfolio

About the 3D download print data:
Format: STL (Zip)
Included STL files: 11
Sizes (assembled): Approx. 11 x 13 x 19 cm
Model version: 1.0
License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Printed 3D objects in the photos:
Version: 1.0.
Material: PLA
Layer: 0.2 mm
Support: No (optional)
Raft: Yes (for the eggs)
The Images shows also the Easter eggs crasher: Crash site.


3D View coming soon…

Additional information

Design by


Design based on

The Bunny: easter bunny by Taurus82 / CC BY 3.0


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