GRAVITYSHAPES means bringing ideas, materials and forms into new dimensions. Discover exclusive and unusual 3D decorations, accessories and useful functional objects. Behind GRAVITYSHAPES is a young Swiss designer who is experimenting with different materials and techniques, shaping his ideas into new dimensions, and this pleases people all over the world. Hopefully you too.

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3D Art & Design - Shaping ideas in new dimensions


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You like the design objects of GRAVITYSHAPES and are looking for a local sales point? Here you will find an overview of current stores and online shops, which have selected SHAPES in the assortment. And more will follow.

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Local and international stores & online shops

International Shipping

Here you will find online shops, which in each case list selected GRAVITYSHAPES design objects in their assortment and also send them internationally.

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Here you will find local stores and online shops from all over the world that have selected GRAVITYSHAPES design items in their assortment.




United Kingdom

  • ARCH Shop (Coming soon)
STL Downloads (International)

Here you can find pages with STL print data from GRAVITYSHAPES design objects for printing for private use on your own 3D printer.

Sales points for printed 3D objects

Sales points for STL print data

You found no matching partners in your neighborhood? Use one of the online shops and recommend GRAVITYSHAPES to your favorite store in your locality.
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