GRAVITYSHAPES means bringing ideas, materials and forms into new dimensions. Discover exclusive and unusual 3D decorations, accessories and useful functional objects. Behind GRAVITYSHAPES is a young Swiss designer who is experimenting with different materials and techniques, shaping his ideas into new dimensions, and this pleases people all over the world. Hopefully you too.

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3D Art & Design - Shaping ideas in new dimensions


Synergies and innovations networked

The right partners at the right time

The 3D printing industry is a unique innovation forge in which creativity and quality, materials and technologies create endless new possibilities. GRAVITYSHAPES attaches great importance to experimenting and high quality, and is convinced that a combination of established experienced partners as well as innovative and experimental actors can produce the best results in order to combine new innovations with the highest possible quality. GRAVITYSHAPES is therefore constantly looking for new partners. Whether innovative design software, know-how, printing materials and finishing processes, new production locations and processes, or new local and global sales partners, GRAVITYSHAPES keeps the eyes open for new cooperation partners!

Partnership with GRAVITYSHAPES


Software & creativity

Are you developing innovative software and solutions for 3D design, 3D modeling, scanning, conversion, processing and slicing etc.? Do you offer creative or experimental tools for creatives, for use in 3D? Or are you a designer or a team and have ideas for a collaboration or joint projects?

Let me know what you have for ideas, project plans or solutions. For example, in areas such as:

Software (scanning, modeling, slicing etc.)


Creativity & Project Ideas

Product range extensions




Material & Technology

Nowhere else is more innovation than in the case of printing material, printing processes or new applications for 3D printing objects. Whether more innovative, biological, local, more accurate, faster, cheaper, more refined, high-quality, more creative or exclusive etc., GRAVITYSHAPES is looking forward to the presentation and the use of new material as well as new technologies. And even after the printing, there is still a lot to be done with, so new partners from the development through the production up to the finishing are always welcome.

In the following areas, there is always an open ear for new innovations and partners:

Filament, material, printing accessories

Printing & Manufacturing


Equipment & Accessories (e.g. Lighting)


Local & International

GRAVITYSHAPES Design objects should look good, give pleasure, stimulate creativity and if possible having a useful function. With partners who also enjoy such objects, the collaboration makes a lot of fun! Whether you are a local florist or decor business or a nice online shop with selected designer items, the exclusive objects of GRAVITYSHAPES surely also offer your customers a lot of pleasure.

Local and international partners, large or small, are here in the right place. E.g. in these areas:


Local stores


Shapes for B2B gifts

Marketing & Advertising


GRAVITYSHAPES is a trademark of the designer Stefan Hertach and is located in Switzerland. If you have ideas for an interesting partnership, do not hesitate to contact me!