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Pointed Tealight holders (Culture Edition No. 2), laced

Pointed tealight holders with decorative lacing

From the Orient to the West. These versions of the pointed tealight holder with filigree patterns and decorative cord or satin lacing feature oriental and western motifs. The wonderful tealights from GRAVITYSHAPES create a unique and pleasant atmosphere. There are these tealight holders in different designs. These three variations with a mosaic pattern, an oriental pattern and a modern dot pattern show their true beauty especially by candlelight.

3D printed with wood and lovingly and elaborately handcrafted, they have a pleasant touch of wood and  deliver a beautiful ambience by candlelight.

The wood collection from GRAVITYSHAPES: The wood collection from GRAVITYSHAPES comprises more than 200 different 3D printed and hand-worked wooden objects, which are presented step by step and are (or will be) available in different shops, but also online on the Internet.


W-351, W-355, W-356


Ca. Ø 7 cm, 11.6 cm high


Wood (Holz)


Coming soon...