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Easter eggs crasher “Swing” and Easter nest

Do you know how Easter bunnies are testing Easter eggs? Not? The Easter bunnies have different test methods. One of them is the Easter Eggs Crash track, another is this Easter Eggs Crasher Swing.

Since Easter is the only time of the year in which you can play with food, there is now this original Easter-Eggs-Crasher-Swing of GRAVITYSHAPES as a 3D print model. The Easter set for the whole family consists of several parts and can so be printed colorful and then simply put together. A 3D printer, two cords and boiled eggs are all what you need!

Once built up, the hanging nets can be loaded with eggs, pulled back and bounced together. The Easter nest (bottom tray) catches any shell parts.

Which egg will be preserved? And who would not like to play now?

The 3D print data of the Easter-Eggs-Crasher-Swing-Set in the STL format are available here as a premium download.

In addition, there are two free Easternest version like the Nest with Easter bunny and eggs (ie without swing) or just the nest.

The Easternest with Easter Bunny and Eggs:

5004 (Swing-Set), 5005 (Nest with Bunny and Eggs Set), 5006 (Nest)


Ca. 11 x 13 x 19 cm (Swing-Set)






easter bunny by Taurus82 (CC BY 3.0)