GRAVITYSHAPES means bringing ideas, materials and forms into new dimensions. Discover exclusive and unusual 3D decorations, accessories and useful functional objects. Behind GRAVITYSHAPES is a young Swiss designer who is experimenting with different materials and techniques, shaping his ideas into new dimensions, and this pleases people all over the world. Hopefully you too.

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Gift rolls laced (wood)

Wooden gift rolls with decorative lacing

The 3D printed and handmade gift rolls from GRAVITYSHAPES are available in four different sizes and and many different designs. They are beautiful and unique gift or bouquet pendants. They can be easily attached to packages or bouquets thanks to the decorative lacing. The lids and bottoms of the gift rolls are easy to remove. And you can place all sorts of surprises in it. Whether letters of love, congratulations or wishes for recovery, whether rolled business cards or envelopes, vouchers or cash, the different roll lengths and diameters leave many possibilities for use.

Different patterns (hearts, mosaics, Japan or oriental) can be chosen, as is the color of the wood (brown or black) or one of many decorative lacing colors.

The roll sizes are specially optimized for:
Diameter small: CHF 1.- Coins
Diameter medium: CHF 2.- Coins
Diameter large: CHF 5.- Coins
Small roll height: Business card width
Large roll height: Couvert- or card width

These gift rolls from GRAVITYSHAPES also fit well with other objects of the wood collection.

The wood collection from GRAVITYSHAPES: The wood collection 2017 from GRAVITYSHAPES comprises more than 120 different 3D printed and hand-worked wooden objects, which will be introduced gradually from September 2017 and are available in various local shops and online shops.




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Wood (Holz)


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